A quest of React and MUI, by Anastasios Haddad, Tech Lead at Dialectica

Thanks to the latest tools and technologies, the use of open-source libraries and frameworks may give developers a big advantage. Less code to write, more efficient software, as well as robust and secure implementations. However, there is a price to pay, as always. As all the magic happens behind the curtain, developers can barely change anything and there are strict rules and patterns to be followed.

I recently faced the challenge of having to use Cypress, in order to write automation tests for a web app that…

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2020 will be remembered as a year that reshaped (almost) everything. Navigating from fear and uncertainty to hope, both society and the economy have been challenged to demonstrate resilience and flexibility. At Dialectica, despite the initial shock, we managed to have an impressive comeback fueled by our most valuable asset: our talented team! Over the last months, not only did we stay incredibly productive but we kept team morale high.

Our “secret of success” — if there is only one — is our dedication to foster a strong company culture that keeps us together even when we are miles away…

Dialectica Staff

Dialectica is an information services company that innovates how business professionals share knowledge and gain access to primary research worldwide.

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